An inbox that pays you
see how it works by sending an email to

1. Get a veropost email address

Choose if you want to donate to our big list of organizations. Give it out to anyone that is not in your immediate circle, put it on your website

2. Someone sends you an email

When people email you they will get notified that you chose to use our service with your personalized message and get prompted to send a fee using Bitcoin only once. If you are donating they will see where their donation will go.

3. Receive funds

When the user successfully makes a payment you receive their email at your chosen private address and from then on your communication continues normally.


Why would I want this?

Some of the reasons we heard from our users are: lack of time, spam protection, actually charging for service (advice etc).

Do you charge?

If user is donating we do not charge anything! If the user is not donating then we charge 2% fee

Why Bitcoin?

Cross-country donations and money sending is very complicated. That's why Bitcoin was invented :)

Do you support attachments?

At the moment we will only redirect the body of the email stripped without the attachment.

What about privacy?

As soon as payment is received and the email is redirected we delete the email contents from our database.

What happens if same sender contacts me again?

He will receive a message saying that he has already paid and thus he can send you an email directly.

Is it guaranteed that my message will be read?

No. But if your message doesn't get delivered then you will get your money back. If the recipient just doesn't reply and is donating then you will have donated to a good cause. If he is accepting the money he has a moral responsibility to at least read the emails.

Charging for advice or investment enquiries is great. My time is precious.
Constantinos Michail

Constantinos Michail
Founder and investor

I give my veropost email to all my customers because I don't have time to waste. This way I know they are really interested.
Simone Konigshausen

Simone Konigshausen